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Overview: Regulations and the market's new behavior have demanded a new attitude towards the environment from several industries. In the forestry industry, this attitude has taken form in restructuring the use and occupation of cultivated lands with commercial forests, thus promoting the environmental adequation of productive activities. In this reorganization of the rural space, permanent preservation areas and legal reserve areas which were inadequately occupied by forestry activities contrarily to the current regulations are being restored to promote the reoccupation of the land with native tree species. In this context, the International Paper do Brasil company intends to develop projects aiming at environmentally planning its silvicultural areas by means of assessing the current status of the native flora and fauna, proposing a management and recovery plan for degraded areas, investing on sustainable development, using environmental management practices based on scientific criteria, promoting the sustainable use of planted forests and the recovery and restoration of degraded areas. This project proposes the assessment of the environmental components of a forestry Eucalyptus spp. production property belonging to International Paper do Brasil and located in Brotas, SP, Brazil. The use of remote sensing images and geographic information systems (GIS) will enable spatializing mosaics of the different altered environments, thus generating more environmentally adequate alternatives for land use at the silvicultural property.

Objectives: The project's objective is to assess the current status of the property's shrub and tree flora and its fauna by defining sustainability indicators and assessment methodologies for these indicators which can then be applied to other rural properties of the silvicultural industry production chain. This study also aims at generating data that qualify the use of eucalyptus reforestation in the recovery of legal reserve areas in the state of São Paulo, where according to law no. 12.927/2008 and decree no. 53.939/2009 the compensation of legal reserve areas by means of planting exotic tree species interspersed with native species is allowed.

Expected results: To generate scenarios for land use and land cover dynamics according to sustainability indicators for the silvicultural industry's productive chain, which will be defined along the project, as well as methodologies for assessing these indicators.


Leader: Carlos César Ronquim – Researcher – Embrapa Satellite Monitoring

Institutions involved: Embrapa Monitoramento por Satélite, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, International Paper do Brasil.


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